Wednesday, September 19, 2012

it's happening

Friends and family are arriving. Our ability to push things on the ToDo list to another day is diminishing. Our minds are racing with excitement. We are ready.

There will be 150 or so at the wedding ceremony and dinner. It looks like another 50+ friends will be joining us for The Wedding Party at the Baxter Ballroom that evening. There will be around 30 delicious pies! We have close to 50 going rafting with us on Friday. The beer is free. This is gonna be fun!

Click on itinerary to see where you need to be and when.

Here are some questions we have been getting and then some answers.

Should I wear a tie? :  Not unless you really want to.

What is the weather going to be like? : Nice Click here for details

At what elevation to the deer turn into elk? : 7500 ft

Can we help with anything? : Yes

Please know that we will not be providing chairs for everyone during the wedding ceremony. We expect most people to be standing right there with us. You are welcome to bring a blanket to sit on if you like.

There will be food for everyone at the dinner. This includes those of us with dietary considerations like Gluten Intolerance or Vegan Preferences.

Check out this map! Click on the icons to see what they are.

View The Wedding Spot in a larger map


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hyalite Canyon will open on Saturday, September 15th. This is one-week prior to our wedding on Saturday, September 22nd. We will NOT be getting married in Hyalite. We will be getting married in Bozeman. The information on this blog has been updated and is accurate.

We had no way of knowing this would be such a dry and active fire season when we first planned the wedding in Hyalite many moons ago. Of course we knew it was a possibility but our love for Hyalite and the laws of probability gave us enough confidence to go ahead and plan a really cool wedding there, so we did.

The season unfolded and Hyalite was closed as a precaution. With the Millie Fire 0% contained and with a 0% vote of confidence from the Millie Fire Incident Commander himself, we decided to create an alternate wedding itinerary in Bozeman, Montana.

Now, one week out, Plan B is set to go. We have communicated the plan to our friends and family and less some smaller details we are working on this weekend, we are ready and very excited about a Bozeman Wedding.

We hope that many of you find time to get up to Hyalite for a hike while you are in the area or even if you are from the area. It is so beautiful, just like my bride. And we know, that we will all have a really fun time here in Bozeman for the wedding. We have some great venues, lots of wonderful food, beer & wine, and many many friends and family to share this experience with. We are stoked!

If you reserved a campsite in Hyalite please call Susan at 406-646-1012 to cancel. We have asked her very nicely to fully refund sites reserved for the Walsh Wedding and they have agreed to do so. That is pretty cool.

sweet jane

The Walshes : Rockn' Robin, Sweet Jane & The Kid at the Smith River
Jane Walsh is pretty sweet.

As it turns out, I'm not the only one who has came to this conclusion. Take it from the local newspaper from where some of us Walshes laid our hat, Augusta, Wisconsin.

"Many children in Augusta love books, and that love was cultivated in no small part by the efforts of Youth Librarian Jane Walsh. Since 2007, Jane has been inspiring children to read by leading story times and running reading programs at the Augusta Memorial Public Library. Although she’ll be retiring in September, her impact on Augusta’s youth will last for years to come.

Jane didn’t begin her career with the intention of becoming a librarian. In fact, she didn’t even begin with the intention of becoming an Augusta resident. Serendipity brought her there when she and her husband Rob, both born and raised in Milwaukee, decided to find a small town with good schools in which to raise their then four-year-old son, Reno. They travelled to many small towns, and Augusta struck them as a particularly nice place to live. It had the pleasant atmosphere and good schools they’d been seeking, but the fact that it had a house they could afford sealed the deal. Buying the house was a risky move—it was desperately in need of repair, and neither Jane nor her husband had a job lined up—but fortunately for the community, they took the plunge. 

Rob quickly found work as a carpenter at Walters Buildings, and Jane worked for several area businesses over the years. She was highly involved in the Augusta community as well, volunteering for numerous organizations. When a position on the City Council opened unexpectedly due to the illness of the Council member, Jane stepped in and became the second woman to ever serve as an Alderperson in Augusta. She served on the Council until the term was over, then ran for re-election and won. Since the Council had to have a representative on the Augusta Library Board, Jane became a Board member as well as an Alderperson. 

Jane found her experience on the Library Board to be extremely enlightening. Before, she had only seen the library in terms of the amount of money it cost the city. Now that she was working directly with the library’s Board members and staff, she was impressed by the number and quality of services the library was able to offer on a tight budget. She observed, “Once you sit on the Library Board and you go through the process, you wonder, ‘How do [the Board members and library staff] do it on the money we give you?’ I think everybody on the City Council should do a stint on the Library Board.” She eventually became the Board president, but she wanted to be even more directly involved with the library.

 Her opportunity came when a position as Youth Librarian opened up and she was hired to fill it. Jane was obliged to step down from her position on the Board in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest, but she never regretted her decision. She especially loves her work with children from the community. “I’ve gotten to know the kids and their folks. I feel like they’re my kids,” she said, adding, “I’ve learned a lot about little kids. I’ve learned to get up and sing and be goofy. The younger they are, the more uninhibited they are, and I love that.” ...

Rewarding as her work is, Jane looks forward to many aspects of retirement. “The library is a full-time job that you’ve got to get done in a couple of days, which doesn’t leave you a lot of energy for other things,” she said. She looks forward to sewing, reading, gardening, volunteering, and visiting her son and, who will soon be getting married.  ... " - 8.29.12 - By Rebecca White Body - Augusta Area Times

Friday, September 7, 2012


We are going with Plan B,

Please book yourself a hotel in Bozeman for both Friday and Saturday evenings. At a minimum, Saturday evening - the night of the wedding.

Please click on Itinerary for more details about the wedding. Be sure to click on the map to see where things are happening in town.

The wedding will take place downtown Bozeman. Because of this, we are strongly recommending people stay within walking distance of downtown. These lodging options are often more affordable than the hotels near the interstate and being able to walk to your hotel after the wedding party or to breakfast downtown will only make your Bozeman experience more authentic.

Places to stay within walking distance of downtown:
Magnuson Grand Its the best hotel closest to downtown and the prices are okay. This is where Reno's guests stay when he guides out of Bozeman because being able to walk downtown is important.

Royal 7 This is a clean, priced right, hotel with a hot tub that is in a pretty good location. It's two blocks farther away from downtown than the Magnuson but still easily within walking distance. It is only a few blocks from the Food Co-Op and the Bar-muda Triangle.

The Voss Inn This is a great downtown Bozeman B&B. This is where Reno & Heather are staying the night of the wedding. Come join us - but get your own room.

Lerhkind Mansion Another great B&B in Bozeman within walking distance of the Bozone Brewery. It's a little farther to walk downtown but with determination, doable. The mansion is four blocks from our house.

Rent a vacation rental home downtown Bozeman - it is cheaper than you think - click here 

Stay where Lewis and Clark Stayed! This place is unique to be sure, priced right and it is within walking distance of downtown. It is right across the street from Bozeman's impressive Food Co-Op. The rooms are pretty clean. The ambiance is pretty funky - click here

These places are not within walking distance. However, there is an unreliable cab service in Bozeman.

The Holiday Inn The location isn't the greatest but it has a pool for the kids. You will not be able to walk downtown from this hotel.

Homewood Suites Nice place a few blocks farther away from the Holiday Inn.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Ok…so we have had several people ask if we have a wedding registry…

First of all, we are not registering for gifts.  The best gift for us will be to see you all at our wedding weekend dancing it up to the Dirty Shame and helping us finish those delicious kegs of Salmon Fly Honey Rye!  No gifts are necessary. We are so excited to share this special place and time with you all in September for the Equinox and a celebration of life - yours and ours. 

We do have some suggestions for those who simply insist on a gift of some sort. There will be a mailbox for cards and a table to set things on. Here goes: 

*   Make us something!  Share your talent or hobby. Have your kids draw us a picture for a scrapbook from our wedding day and we will add it to this blog.

*   Bring a card with your favorite recipe to add to the recipe book that we will make on our wedding day. What is the most delicious meal you cook or treat you bake? What was the recipe for the pie you entered into the contest?

*   Help us keep our home brew cold. Contribute cash toward the “New Refrigerator Fund” for our house. You can give us a card at the wedding and note that the cash inside goes towards this cool fund.

*   Contribute cash for the “Honey Fund” which will be used on our cultural culinary city and coastal adventure honeymoon in Oaxaca, Mexico . We embark for Mexico on the 24th!

*   Contribute cash toward a Ryan Turner Print that will hang at home.

*   Contribute cash toward a canvas print of our friend Travis Anderson’s Ski Bridger Bowl Poster for our ski cottage / home.

*    We love Mimi Matsuda and we love her art too. Sometimes when we are on the river, we like to think of ourselves as a couple of native West Slope Cutthroat Trouts.  

*   We like trees. We would like a few more in our yard. How about a gift certificate at Cashman Nursery?

*   Help us at the wedding. We will need help with various aspects of throwing the celebration and then cleaning up. If you want to lend a hand, let us know and we will let you know where we need that help. 

We are excited about the wedding weekend and look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, May 18, 2012

words from Bre

Three summers ago, after years of living away, Heather and Reno welcomed me into their daily lives when I moved into the yellow bedroom in the house on North Bozeman.  Although at times, my presence was probably a bit frustrating (I have never been great about cleaning up after myself, proactively shoveling, or buying groceries), yet they continued to encourage me to find things that excited me, and work toward the goal of a happy, balanced life.  I watched Heather and Reno progress through many steps of their relationship, and took note of the kind way that they supported each other, sensing when the other needed space, a home cooked (organic) meal, or a hug.  I observed the way they worked to communicate, and found that when indoors, they spent most of their time in the kitchen- cooking, eating, drinking good wine, and talking.  (Although in retrospect, it would be a mistake not to mention the constant stream of good music and dance moves that flow freely as well.)
They have shared excitement for powder days, yurt trips, and moments in the summer when the rivers are “fishy”.  Their excitement is catching, and I found that Heather and Reno’s enthusiasm for the outdoors renewed mine.  Their firm pushes out the door, helped me to remember the delight that comes with fresh snow, or the sense of accomplishment waiting at the top of a peak, after a hard trail run.  I know that I am not the only person drawn to their eagerness, as countless friends continue to join them on these adventures.
I am so thankful for their patience in listening to me analyze the same questions again and again, until I was able to resolve tough situations and rebuild my confidence.  Their home was a safe, nurturing place that enabled me to pick a path and move confidently in the right direction.  Their mix of frank assessments (Heather) and comedic relief (Reno) is an exacting combination for sound advice.
All sentiments aside, Heather and Reno are an exceptional team, the kind of people who will wrangle wild horses to save a small, instinct driven puppy. (Lula and I are eternally grateful!)
I am delighted to have the honor to unite Heather and Reno for all of their remaining days!  Counting down the days until September 22nd!

Bre, Heather's loving sister, lives in West Seattle with her dog wonder, Lula. Heather and I are very pleased to have such a wonderful and guiding person to do the marrying. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


On a snowy powdery April 4th in 2009 I noticed her talking to my good friend Pat Staron in the Schlasman's lift line at Bridger Bowl. I was so enamored with her beauty and ski intensity that I took an image.

Heather & Pat in the Schlasmans Lift Line, April 4th, 2009
Before I could put my camera away and properly introduce myself like a gentlemen my chair came around the bull wheel. I got on, turned up the tunes and scouted the gnar we were all about to shred.

When I got to the top, Pat and Heather were several chairs back and it was a powder day. I started the southward trek along the Bridger Ridge towards the fresh steep and deep off of Saddle Peak.

Heather caught up to me about halfway to the summit. As it turned out, Pat and Heather were friends. Heather's good friend Kim Magro went to school with Pat back in the day. They had all hung out on the mountain and in town.

So there we were hiking along the Bridger Ridge to the summit of Saddle Peak on an epic powder day.

Argentina Bowl

The three of us dropped into the untracked Argentina Bowl slicing sick lines on the creamy smooth mountainside. It was so sweet, we went back and did it again.

The next day Pat had arranged to pick Heather up on the way to Bridger. Pat is a good man. She ripped it up with us for awhile and then hooked up with some of her girlfriends. As Heather remembers it, she plotted about how she might see me again that day but it didn't happen. She did however manage to invite me to her 30th birthday keg party before the powder day took us our separate ways.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the party. It coincided with Corn Fest in Cooke City, Montana and I had already made a commitment to the corn.

Cooke City
I gave Heather a call to wish her a happy birthday on the day of. She didn't answer so I ended up leaving her a sincere message.

A few weeks later I was traveling and between flights I checked my messages. I had a voicemail from Heather. She asked me out on a date! She explained that now that she was thirty she thought it was perfectly appropriate to ask.

I agreed!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

mountain song

Last week we were able to celebrate everyone's favorite commercial holiday by spending the night of the 14th up in the mountains!  We were reminded just how lucky we are to have the national forest in our back yard.  We left for Hyalite (where you will all come for the wedding) and the Maxey Cabin after work and skied in with headlamps and Harper leading the way.   It felt like we had the entire canyon to ourselves.  The Maxey is a forest service cabin that is situated along a creek in a large powder meadow.  It offers incredible views of Hyalite Peak and the peaks around it.  Harper found an incredible echo back from the nearby mountain walls as she barked her enthusiasm!

As soon as we arrived at the Maxey Cabin, Reno set to work getting the cabin toasty while I sat by the fire, curled up in my sleeping bag.  Harper sat close, wondering where she would sleep and wishing she had gone to stay with "The Grandparents" instead of coming to the chilly cabin.  The night got warmer though and soon we dined on delicious pasta and a heart-shaped red velvet cake that I made in honor of the day.   We drank some tasty California Zin, listened to tunes on the portable pod and danced the night away.

Harper gives the cabin a morning perimeter check. 
The cake was breakfast, too! The next morning dawned brilliant and sunny, and then the mountain clouds and flakes rushed in.   We spent the day ski and snowboard touring up another beautiful basin in Hyalite.   On this exploratory mission we got lots of exercise and a few powder turns.

We are so excited to share Hyalite with all of you in September! If you feel like a short hike from the Youth Camp while you are there, be sure to check out the Maxey Meadow and its views!